Trend of seafood in Murmansk, Russia

Murmansk and its surroundings are famous not only for its picturesque landscapes and tourist routes, but also for its seafood.
Murmansk offers a huge selection of seafood delicacies, such as its signature dried ruffe, halibut, salmon, haddock and catfish. Murmansk is a real paradise for gourmets. Many restaurants offer you a selection of delicacies to suit every taste and budget. Traditional recipes, combined with the peculiarities of local products, are the basis of the cuisine. Fresh crabs, sea urchins and scallops are the most popular among tourists. Many seafood is eaten practically alive, which is why restaurants usually have aquariums.
In the Barents Sea, modiolus are found – giant mussels, they are most often served baked or stewed.
The most popular and famous northern fish, which you definitely take with you, is smoked halibut.
While in Murmansk, do not forget to taste:
– dried sea ruff;
– dried pike;
-smoked and dried sea bass;
– dried smelt;
-smoked motley catfish;
– cold smoked trout.
Stroganina is an ancient dish common among northern peoples. This is thinly sliced fresh frozen raw fish or venison. Stroganina is also eaten frozen, dipped in a mixture of salt and black pepper, but sometimes in vinegar or sauces made from northern berries.
Be sure to try sugudai – a delicacy made from raw fish with vegetable oil, onion, salt and black pepper.
But the queen of Arctic cuisine is cod. A monument to her was erected in the center of Murmansk.